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The Inspection Process

Producing EPC's

Once an energy assessor has been commissioned to produce an EPC, there are three main steps to performing the assessment, which are:

  1. Gathering the relevant information about the building
  2. Analysing the information and identifying different zones of the building
  3. Entering the information into an approved software programme.  The appropriate methods for commercial buildings are SBEM (Simplified Building Energy Model- used for level 3 & 4 buildings) or DSM (Dynamic Simulation Model- used for level 5)
During the assessment the assessor will collect information about the building.  This will include plans, dimensions of the building, its uses, the number of floors, the amount and type of glazing, the heating systems and the fuel used.  This information will be fed into an approved software programme using a Government approved energy assessment method.  The software produces the certificate and the recommendation report for the building.


Collecting the information required for an EPC

The eneregy assessor will need to understand the internal layout of the building and for what purposes it is designed to be used.  This is to understand the energy demands of each individual space (zone) in accordance with its designed use.  The information that will be required to produce an EPC includes:

  • The individual spaces or zones in use within the building, and their dimensions (either as verified from plans or as measured).  
  • The activities conducted within the zones.  Examples of zones include retail space, office space, kitchens, storage etc...
  • The heating & ventilation services for each zone (including type of system, metering, controls, fuel used etc...)
  • The lighting and controls used for each zone
  • The construction of the fabric of the building and thermal efficiency of the materials used: roof, floors, walls and glazing


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